Friday, February 1, 2008

Hmmn, so little progress, so much time

Maybe this is a bad time to say this? Consider that I'm too tired to think straight so of course I'm tempted to take on a whole amorphous project involving putting up a tutorial on the very most basic notions of 3D design as it applies to making sculpties.

What would this actually entail? Break it down:
  1. Let's talk vocabulary. What is a NURB? What is a UVmap and why does it give off so little light, and not actually get us any place real? Which terms are the biggest bugaboos?
  2. What does someone with no prior 3D modeling experience actually need to know to be able to understand sculpties?
  3. Is understanding overrated? Maybe we just need tutorials that focus on walking us through making something very useful (or very destructive)?
  4. What's the fourth question?
  5. Where's the UPS guy with my Japanese grammars and dictionaries?
  6. Does any of this have anything to do with Edward Albee's newest play, Me, Myself & I?
Attempted answers to these questions should be forthcoming if I can find my way to my bed and deal with that UPS guy.