Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Six Hours in the Woods

I'm about ready to start my recovery. Saturday from 6pm to nearly 10pm I was invited to shoot a live action roleplay game, sponsored by the Wayfinder Experience... a summer camp that my daughters fell in love with last summer, and which my eldest begins staff training for in less than a week.

Here are some selected images from the event, though I feel like I do need to take some extra care with many of these... it's not my usual habit to make this many photos publicly viewable, and I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake to do so.

None of these (with one exception) have been heavily edited. Some heavy processing was done for atmosphere, especially to many of the otherwise useless shots once the light was all but gone and my eyes and technology made focus a hit-or-miss experience. I expect some more laborious cropping and processing on an individual basis might make at least some of these outstanding, rather than glorified snapshots. Click any photo to follow through to the Flickr account where there are many (many) more.

Pensive _MG_3733wfw619 _MG_3731wfw619 _MG_3862wfw619 _MG_4002wfw619 _MG_4207wfw619 _MG_4013wfw619

A few more shots appear on the next page too.

I had to shoot as a participant to keep the role-playing live, especially for those at the event for whom this was a first-time experience. And so you will find tags for "ghost photographer" and such, as I played the role of uncommunicative observing spirit from the nether realms. It was an interesting way to shoot, one I wish I could do in more situations, as it might allow me to do more candid portrait work with less of the inevitable "looking at the camera" that tends to spoil about 80% of all shots that contain people.
_MG_3713wfw619 _MG_4049wfw619 _MG_3913wfw619 _MG_4031wfw619 _MG_4251wfw619 _MG_4131wfw619 _MG_3994wfw619

(I really want to do a photomanipulation of one or two of the "self portraits" I managed to do while players were off in rooms that I didn't want to shoot. Those may come later. One fairly raw image does appear in the long collection of pics that are now up, mainly for comment, feedback and sharing, as many are not what I'd call finished images.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something about Human Hope (or Delusional Thinking)

This image was shot as a response to a DailyShoot assignment about "unfinished" things. It seemed appropriate at the time.

Unfinished Business

You might need to view it a bit smaller on some screens? The 'net is giving me headaches. I was thinking about writing some big essay on this, but now that I've started, it seems pretentious and unnecessary.

Please keep in mind, this image is from a memorial theatre, built to commemorate the sacrifices of the Great War (World War I) -- the mentality predates Gandhi by a bit, I expect.

Peace: The Words and Inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi (Me-We)

On Gandhi's Path: Bob Swann's Work for Peace and Community Economics

Think about it.

Silly trick, but I liked it

For some reason, maybe a lack of readers, maybe fatalism, maybe the repredeprerecession, I've really fallen off from posting new entries here, even though I've been doing a lot of new stuff.

This one may be lame, but it was fun.

Green "i"

In any case, I've been self-censoring too much lately, and dedicating more time than makes sense to debugging one of the biggest, buggiest sites out there. It's well past time for a change.

There's not much more to say about this, is there?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eel vs. Gusher

Eel plays peekaboo with the oil gusher.

That's my take right now. Just in case someone thinks the following picture might be in poor taste.

Purdy Slick

A little more below the fold.

My DailyShoot for the day.