Friday, May 21, 2010

This photo is starting to haunt me

There's something terrible about digital, both in general and specific. I think for the very first time I actually looked at this one in full scale. You probably won't notice the haunting artifacts unless you look very closely, or you're one of those permitted to see the full scale image. Anyway...

Capture the Flag, No. 1

That's it. I'm procrastinating and pushing myself to a strange exhaustion, probably because I'll be seeing my parents a little later today, for the first time in over a year, and I'm conflicted about that, guilty, trapped, pummeled... You can pick your term and I've probably felt it sometime recently.

I'm going to add in a book that's helped me resolve at least some of my photography issues, if not my persistent feelings of ineptitude and such. Also, if I don't do this soon, Amazon might shoot me, or cut off my Associate "privileges." Anyway, I'm in love with Freeman's books, and even though this one is probably the hardest to read, it's also the one that has probably helped me the most over the past year or so, even though I didn't do so badly with exposure issues before I started reading it. And now I have someplace to point to when I talk to people about exposure.

Let's see how that worked.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is a test - YouTube's Unlisted Videos...

Can they or can't they be embedded? This post is an attempt to test whether such videos can be embedded.

This second video is embedded from a different channel, one that is no longer tied into the Google account that handles this blog. I'm starting to suspect that problems with embedding may be related to the settings that the owner might have chosen. After all, the YouTube EDIT pages include separate modules for Privacy (where the Unlisted option appears) and another section for "Embedding."

I may leave this at that, unless something else comes up to contradict my first impressions.

YouTube users should probably still exercise caution when embedding Unlisted videos, since they're likely to become more visible if the embedding happens on any site or blog (unlike this one) where traffic is high. In fact, if you are concerned about keeping Unlisted videos at least somewhat hard to find, disabling embedding is probably not a bad idea.

Here will be my comments on whether this worked or not. Some YouTube users are reporting that these videos cannot be embedded, which is probably a good thing and an intended feature. I just don't want to make a statement about it in the Help Forum without checking things out.

There's another question about embedding, but I think it refers to links... testing it three ways here:

Where I am, only that last link is faulty. If it worked in the past I wasn't aware of it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chinese hope US remains in Fog over Green Tech

Stunning insight into the US's continuing blindness when it comes to graduating from an Oil drenched economy to something with a future.

in reference to:

""They then went on: "The right is correct – it’s all about money – but they could not be more incorrect in their interpretation of the money." "I asked "What do you mean?" They continued: "Make no mistake about it, the world is going green. Nothing would make people like us in China happier than America continuing this debate for the next 10 or 15 years. Because in 15 years, when you guys come out of the fog, China will own the revenue stream of the green revolution."
- Daily Kos: When conservatives are right (view on Google Sidewiki)