Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Redmapped Collection is here at last

And I know you were holding your breath for its coming. ;)

Here are a few pics.

More below the "tear line."

And this comes after.

Monday, July 14, 2008

“Ani Ma’amin” - Camp Albemarle

Another update. I think I'll be taking a break soon. Please see my post from 6 July 2008 for an updated playlist/viewer of all the YouTube videos I'm aware of that feature Camp Albemarle choral performances from 2006 to 2008. Please leave comments if you are aware of other videos on the web featuring performances from Camp Albemarle. Thanks!

This, and several other videos were made from footage and sound recorded in August 2006. Severe camera operator issues, particularly being seated and blocked by others in the audience, made me decide not to edit these performances at the time. I've tried to work around those problems as best I could but the video still leaves much to be desired here. Still, best to click through on these and view them in high quality, directly on YouTube as that will also give you the best sound available online at present.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Enough of my videos for a bit...

Take a look at a hidden gem in Selma Blair's opus, oevre... whatever! Okay, you need to follow to the next section to see the viewer.

Welcome to what I think viral and online video does best, creating a viable venue for short films. The cameo appearances and the wit of this one are awesome (and not just awesome like a hot dog).

One does tend to wonder, though, just why is it that Selma Blair tends to attract the directors and projects that make her such an object of offbeat and borderline offensive abuse? Her facial expression through out this surreal short are to die for.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sing Camp Albemarle, Sing!

Below the fold you'll find a viewer that contains YouTube videos from summer concerts given by the young musicians of Camp Albemarle in Princeton, NJ. Videos feature performances from the last three summers, 2006 through 2008. Camp Albemarle is the summer camp program of the American Boychoir School, a coed camp that concentrates for each of several 2-week sessions on choral music and related musicianship skills for campers ranging in ages from 7 to 14.

Videos of performances by various sessions of Camp Albemarle, the summer music program sponsored by and resident at the American Boychoir School, Princeton, New Jersey. Included in the playlist as well are performances by other groups of compositions and choral arrangements by the much beloved music director from at least fourteen past summers, Paul Caldwell.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fireworks: Rough Edit

Fireworks for your 4th. For best quality, click thru the videos here and watch them in best quality on their YouTube pages. Most viewers will only see the fairly awful flash video versions when watching through this widget.

Gotcha! This widget actually contains various test renderings, using the fireworks footage. To see these in all their glory, though, you will need to go to YouTube and be sure you select the "high quality version" for viewing (where that version is available. Descriptions and end credit placards give, in most cases, the details on the rendering method and file formats sent to YouTube for processing and relay to others.