Monday, November 30, 2009

Waist Deep In the Big Muddy

Part of this post relates to censorship, something we're so great at we do it to ourselves. Or maybe not. The Smothers Brothers seem so innocuous to us now and yet, where do we find something this hard hitting except on underexposed YouTube channels that, if current trends continue, will be no more in a few more months.

In the following Fresh Air program, David Bianculli plays the never-aired last verse of "Waist Deep In the Big Muddy" as sung by Pete Seeger in one of the appearances that finally (sort of) took Seeger off the media blacklist he'd been on since the McCarthy Era.

Take a look too at the TV essays of Harlan Ellison. I had a college friend who knew Ellison as a sometime houseguest and who thought he was a schmuck. But schmuck or no schmuck, the guy had some points to be made.

I shouldn't be surprised about this. At this point we censor ourselves in part by imagining we're somehow past those times. Are we?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doubt: the Live Action Role Play

Follow the link. See the movie. I've seen it. Now I'm living it.

What is that? Doubt. Too bad the version I'm living now is much more poorly written. And it doesn't have Meryl Streep.

Here's the bad copy of the trailer from YouTube.

I know it's probably asking too much, but please see the movie as a whole before you think you know anything. And if you watch the trailer, just watch the trailer and don't stay for the dimwitted blather that follows. There are better versions of the trailer at the official movie site, so you should probably watch there.

If you're one of my friends and supporters through this travail and travesty, then go ahead and watch the twits. They are good for a small laugh. I just wish I still had a sense of humor about this after having my daughter harassed in school on Friday, based on some fairly uninspired invention on the part of individuals unnamed.

My favorite quote was (and remains) "And that is gossip."

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tonight is About Fear

Tonight's show (starting at 9:30 Eastern) is all about fear. Appropriate for Friday the 13th, especially when my daughter told me earlier about the people killing themselves in anticipation of 2012 (the year, not the movie).

Tune in on my stream or find me at the Velvet, in Second Life.

Stills on a related note:

Freezeframe of the Apocalypse by *ebbixx on deviantART

Nothing actually comes after. It's a trick.