Thursday, December 23, 2010

Loading this page on a Google CR-48 tells me it's too media heavy

Dateline: Tweetyville Well, maybe this isn't coming from Tweetyville so much? I've been busy working on longer projects lately, mostly trying to finish work on two scripts, Violetta's Dream and the play I presently call A Stranger Here Myself, for lack of a better title.

Violetta's Dream is more or less ready to be staged, or at least dramaturgified to death, or so several strangers have told me, people with little to gain from blowing smoke up my whatsis. And I've made progress on what used to be the Paula Play, at least in my mind... but again feel I'm stalling out on the scope of the piece.

Maybe I just need to post it to Triggerstreet and see the reactions, but, though I've managed to pare it down by a dozen pages, my feeling is still that there's a lot of bloat left, and also some areas that need to be explored further.

Right now I'm thinking of pulling Spinoza into it... the piece as it stands reflects so much of my own Mormon upbringing, an upbringing that in many ways operates as thought the Enlightenment never happened, that I realize most of the characters are doing the same, when for so many people religious dogma has never really been relevant, except when it's someone else's dogma. And then mostly those whose dogma is counterpointed with assault rifles and high explosives.