Sunday, June 8, 2008

Retrospect: Another RAW Machine Player

The other one has scrolled off somewhere where you're unlikely to find it on this blog, so I'm adding this one here again. Wish I could think of a more elegant way to present it (and keep it near the top of the blog).

Don't bother going to the "Read more!" link.

I told you not to bother, but did you believe me? Nosireebob.


Another shameless plug for my daughter's group. The Lennon classic (#3 song of all time, according to Wikipedia) was performed with minimal practice. They are improving but you'll have to trust me on this. There's a family story about this song, but I'm not prepared to post it just now, though it probably has some bearing on the tearful look from the singer toward the end of this video.

Don't bother following past the fold...

There's really not much there.

What Fresh SLell® Is This?

I find myself struggling again with the entirely rational impulse to pull the plug on my time spent in Second Life. Why? Well, one reason jumps to mind. And it's fairly pathetic, so if you read this you know I was a mess when I pressed that "Publish Now" button.

The key problem is there is just too damned much talent and creativity in the world right now. Partly it's just simple math. Too many people in general = Too many creative people.

You say, "What's the problem? This sounds like a good thing! Lighten up, dude!"

Here's the problem. More creative people, more access to outlets, even crappy badly programmed, DRM-crippled outlets like SecondLife® mean there's less and less chance of ever breaking even, much less make anything like "a living" from one's creative output. There are no customers. Or at least scarcely enough customers to make it a practical choice, at least not one that can be explained to most parents, spouses or other flesh-and-blood entities in need of cash-like stuff for luxuries like rent and groceries and bandwidth.

Digital serfdom is here with a vengeance? More below the fold?

If I had more to say, this is where I'd be saying it.

And don't tell me this isn't an original thought. I know that already. Haven't seen an original thought anywhere since the early Greeks, or maybe some of the wackier gnostic cults that constellated around the Christians who didn't yet know they were Christians. So save it.

Instead, say something mean or sarcastic, like: "You're not creative, you no-talent hack." Then I can list you in my suicide note. Yum yum.

Better yet, post a video reply somewhere that earns you millions and makes me look a fool. Well, a bigger fool than is already so nakedly apparent to those who know and are frustrated or disappointed with me for a wasted lifetime.

Hmmn. Gotta massage the tone of those last few 'graphs.

Hell is a world without kindly editors or bloodsucking agents who nonetheless help their hopeless charges because there's a percentage in it for them.

/me wonders whether it's time to re-read Marx and Bakunin and other 19th century fun guys? Cold comfort reading.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kids Don't Need No Education

Had mixed feelings posting this to YouTube, as the performance is admittedly rather raw and lacking in confidence in spots. It was a performance with very little prep time, and the group is getting better, especially with the addition of an excellent new bass player. Rip these videos now, as you never know when they might be rare early glimpses of someone with a major PR juggernaut backing them.

If you have the bandwidth, click through to YouTube itself where you can elect to see this in stereo and much better resolution.