Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coming up against the Death Star

Here's the first entry (of mine) for the "Star Wars Uncut" project on Vimeo. This version is not actually the entry, since it was decided, in order to keep access available to all sorts of videomakers, to use a 4:3 ratio that anyone can conform their video to. This version was shot and edited in the original aspect ratio used in the movie itself. The 4:3 pan & scan version that is the "official" entry can be found in a separate spot.

Star Wars Uncut - (Wide) - Sc. 429 from B Unis on Vimeo.

This seems to be my preferred render, since it preserves the composition of the shots mine were based on. However, since the project was defined as 4:3 ratio, the current pan & scan version (or possibly a tweaked version of it) will have to suffice.

Comments welcome.

There are still many scenes left to be shot and edited. You can take a tour of what's already done, what's available, and compare scenes to the original "Episode 4" at Star Wars Uncut.

More on this project as things develop.

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