Thursday, February 12, 2009

HQ revised deux

This story is about barbeque. Well, maybe not. More likely its about the way post-modern businesses change standards at a whim. Like Apple and it's madly mutating USB-2 fergawdsakes connectors for each new "generation" of the iPod nano. Used to be when a "generation" took roughly 25 years. Now, apparently, it's more like 9 months. That's a gestation period, not a generation. And Apple's making sure there's no intergenerational sexxing going on there. Gotta keep the kiddies safe, you know?

Latest case in point. As of about February 4, YouTube created (and failed to tell anyone about) a new standard for High Quality rendering. Apparently too many people were using the "old" High Quality render, which triggered more or less for anything you uploaded with a resolution higher than 640x360 pixels. They claim that they "improved" normal quality rendering, so they wanted High Quality to trigger only for uploads that were significantly higher in resolution than what they now call Normal.

Now (and I haven't tested this at all thoroughly) the new standard seems to be applied only if you render something in the range of 960 x 520 or something like that. I need to look at my specs again. Anyway, here's my first HQ render since Feb. 3.


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