Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Truth about Resolution

If you read anything this month about megapixels and video (or still) resolution, read this.

If you're not a video/film addict, don't bother. John Galt here is not the character from Ayn Rand, but one of the better known cogs at Panavision, much involved in recent innovations in bringing digital filmmaking to major studio productions. This interview with Galt consolidates just about everything I knew, but didn't know that I knew, about digital imaging and the marketing game-playing that surrounds it. It's a very straight shooting piece of good sense that pokes needles into the hot air balloons of new media purists and those who want you to believe they have the inside line on all things megapixel. Hopefully that crystallization of common sense and optical physics will lead to better rendering decisions and better results in my own editing and future project. Knock on wood.

My next camera will either be ultra cheap and low rez on purpose, or it will be a rental.

And this comes after. If I do expand on these comments, this would be where the expansion happened. So far, no such luck.

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