Friday, August 1, 2008

Prepping for the show tonight (and afternoon). I spent so much time on this one "quickie" video. I feel like such a shmoe.

Okay, stream of consciousness here maybe? I've seen several movies and they shaped the playlist a lot.

It started with Dans Paris and went on to Be Kind, Rewind, King of California, and the ever popular Idiocracy.

Oddly enough, Be Kind, Rewind probably triggered this whole Situationist obsession I've been having, as well as causing me to stumble upon a speech by Lewis Hyde at Harvard Law's Berkman Center. This is mainly because both items dealt with the idea of a creative commons, in the second case, drawing on research Hyde has been doing to clarify Benjamin Franklin's stated attitudes toward intellectual property, and how in some ways it was radically different from the current environment where patents and accusations of intellectual property theft are rife, even in a place like SecondLife. Or perhaps that would be especially in a place like SecondLife.

I'm still digesting the hour-and-a-half of history and discussion that appears in the Berkman Center lunchtime seminar.

There was a lot more, maybe too much for my kind of blog entry of late. Anyway, the set promises to have a but of everything thrown in, including bits from Bernard Herrmann from throughout his career.

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