Thursday, August 7, 2008

Techniques to Acquire, Render, and Display Human Figures

Presenting recent work for acquiring, rendering, and displaying photo-real models of people, objects, and dynamic performances. The presentation in the video provides an overview of a fairly efficient means of recording ambient lighting information for a given location at a given time, and combining that information with a 360-degree photo capture of a real-world environment that can, at least in theory, be used to recreated in the studio or in composited video or film a realistic approximation of a location that might not be available for an extended location shoot.

Whether practical for low-budget productions, this technique is almost certainly going to be applied in larger-budget commercial films where practical concerns prevent a live shoot in the desired location.

The gist is that these techniques offer some image-based "replacement" lighting techniques for photo-realistic compositing and reflectance acquisition which have been used to create realistic digital actors

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