Thursday, August 7, 2008

vimeo rocks

I can't say I've often found a site that draws me the way this one does. Granted, the "Lays Potato Chip" effect of YouTube isn't really there, and so I'm sure I'll continue to upload at least most of my public videos there as well, but the quality is so much better, and the creativity of the user base is also incredible, in part, no doubt, because the site is limited to videos that the uploaders had an active part in making.

I've started a channel there for the various Camp Albemarle Chorus videos. Once I have more of other types there I'm sure I'll add more channels.

It's hard to describe just how good much of the work there is, and it's far more rewarding for anything that's not a retaping of the Daily Show or some other item. Granted, YouTube is still a fantastic place for finding obscure and largely non-commercial documentary clips and other rarities. There's nothing that wrong with YouTube unless your a bit of a perfectionist and want to have things stream at the best quality practically achievable given the newer codecs (such as H.264)

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