Friday, January 2, 2009

Showing my Bias

Because this might be controversial, and because there are too many videos on the main page, I'm putting this below the fold. well, not this exactly. The this is the one that I'm giving props to, but it's a video and, well, phhhbbbttt....

I was briefly thinking about commenting here about the complaint by one user (echoed probably by many others) that YouTube has a bias to censor materials on recent events in Gaza, but instead I'm plugging a cute channel that does wonderfully witty reviews of something that's always been a guilty pleasure for me, and a source of unseemly fascination -- namely, perfumes and other commodity fragrances.

If you'd prefer some interesting thoughts on bias and materialism (as well as the Middle East), then you should probably click on those words instead of clicking below where it says "Read more!"

But the video, alas, Lass goes below the fold this time. I hate the fold. Really, I do!

This video has very little to do with Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

I'm sure this means there's a bias somewhere. Everything that is not about conflict is probably an opiate, designed to distract and take away the pain, at least for as long as the sweet fragrance remains.

Now I'm getting SO tempted to order up some Desir de Rochas and some Laundromat by Demeter. Maybe if I know that I've written them down here I'll at least have the patience to wait until I can visit a real perfume shop and at least try a whiff before spending more money on fragrances that tug at the limbic system in strange ways that I pretend not to understand.

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