Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drawing on the Messy Side of the Brain

Dateline: Dr. Sketchy's

Bored of ho-hum life-drawing courses? Here's the obvious intermeshing of neo-burlesque and art instruction, though I wasn't clear about the instruction part. Still, if you follow the link to the site, it begins to become clear, though doing this in Second Life, particularly when the grid seems to be falling to pieces does make me wonder why I'm not taking a train into the City a little bit more. Maybe it's that intensive shyness?

How would my life have been different if I had taken my 8th Grade Art teacher's advice and gone into commercial art as an artist and not as a writer? The following are pieces done in moments... trust me, I can do a lot better when I'm taking my time.

Pirate Mermaid Booty (Mixed Media 4)

Pirate Mermaid Booty (Mixed Media)

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