Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Wasp Waists

Dateline: dropdeadcute

~dropdeadcute~ Wasp Waists Intro4

Embrace your pixellation. This dress design takes advantage of the new alpha layers to create an impossibly tight wasp waist... so tight in fact that strain and dancing may sever the spine, but in a hypnotizing manner.

In addition to the necessary alpha top and bottom layers (one integrated layer), and prims for implausible corsetry, a series of camisole designs are provided in copy/mod form, for infinite variations. Basic designs include:

- Chienblau (matching pattern for the underlying violet-blue dress and corset);
- Double Rainbow (because who can resist the trope of the summer?)
- Iridescence
- Greenworld
- Mauve
- Soft ivory silk

Can also be seen at dropdeadcute in SL or, on the Marketplace

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