Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is it true? History of the Saxophone... now!

Just read the biography of Adolphe Sax... definitely Belgian, not so sure about the "imperialist" part, but it might be true. No wonder Belgian jazz is such a controversial subject. Not to mention all the things he developed that turned into the modern marching band much, much later.
in reference to:
"(The Communists frowned on the bass and the electric guitar, but they severely disapproved of the saxophone because they said it was invented by a Belgian imperialist.)"
- Op-Ed Contributor - The Rolling Stones concert that set Prague free from Communism. - (view on Google Sidewiki)

There's much more to this story, but Adolphe Sax is definitely not someone I would have found without reading this piece in the Times from Eduard Freisler about the Stones more than the Sax.  Don't be surprised if you hear both somewhere in my set tonight.  Anything to stir me out of my current funk, largely the by product of my fellow Americans trying to outdo one another at grand stupidity.  You'd think they gave out prizes for it.  And maybe, to paraphrase Mark Twain on our Congress, maybe they do grant prizes?

I can't recommend the book listed below, at least not at that price.  It might be great, or it might be really, really boring.  Maybe you should buy it just to stimulate the economy?  I can't see how that's going to work out, though... anyway the bio is Adolphe Sax, 1814-94: His Life and Legacy by Wally Horwood. I list it only because it's the only bio I know of, aside from the Wikipedia entry, which may have been invented by clever imperialists.  Then again, what do I really know about Wally Horwood?

For what it's worth, the first link is a little iffy on the Peter Brötzmann Trio -- just a typical Amazon inability to handle the umlaut.  The tribute to Sax, though, should take care of a nice chunk of the set I've been worrying about just a little too much.The others below?  Well, let's just say the inkling of a set is beginning to percolate, or fester, or something.

Set should be starting at the usual time, on the usual stream.


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